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  • Rome, Italy

    Okay, so we are finally going back through our travel photos after a very, very long time of letting them just sit on our hard drives haha. We love taking pictures, but sometimes it feels really daunting to actually go through them and do something with them! (Hence the reason why we go through whole […]

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  • Orvieto, Italy

      While we were traveling, we lived in four different countries (seven different cities) and experienced three different languages (Croatian, Italian, and Spanish). We learned a few words in Croatian and Italian (and always try to learn a few pleasantries like “hello,” “goodbye,” “thank you,” “may i have,” etc. no matter where we go). (Spanish […]

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  • Bagnoregio, Italy

    I thought we’d posted all of our Bagnoregio photos, but I forgot that we had this whole set from “New Bagnoregio,” which is where we actually lived (not in the Civita). I mentioned in a previous post that we thought it was funny the locals called everything outside the Civita “New Bagnoregio,” because that part […]

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  • Krka National Park

    Krka National Park is one of Croatia’s top tourist destinations–it covers a wide area surrounding the 73km (45 mile) long Krka River and includes a handful of extraordinary waterfalls. The park is a fairly short drive away from all of the major cities on the Dalmatian coast, so it’s easy to catch a bus or […]