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Sibenik City-5777

Sibenik City-5668


Šibenik has been the longest stop in our travels so far, so it feels a bit more like home than any other place we’ve been. It’s a little town on the Croatian coast–we stayed there for two months so we’d be able to travel to some of the other cities on the Dalmatian coast (scroll down to see photos from Split and Dubrovnik). Šibenik is lesser-known and much, much less crowded than Split and Dubrovnik in the summer months, so it was absolutely perfect for us.

As you can see from the second photo here, Šibenik is an incredibly vertical city…it sits on a huge hill and the inner old city is a maze of staircases and winding corridors. It is such a beautiful and magical place with so much history. It sits on the sea and is surrounded by four fortresses, one actually in the middle of the sea (more on that in another post). The fortresses have (of course) been used in Game of Thrones…I’d be amazed if the show filmed so much in Croatia and missed those beauties!

Our days in Šibenik were spent taking breaks from work with a dip in the Adriatic, our nights spent sampling every flavor of rakia we could get our hands on. We’d go out to eat at a little pub right by the water and a guy would literally be climbing out of the water with a sack full of mussels that he just caught. The food in Šibenik is some of the best we’ve eaten in Europe–the wine was also amazing.  The people are also incredibly welcoming and kind…please, please visit Šibenik if you find yourself on the Dalmatian coast. (More Šibenik posts to come!!)

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