Šibenik (Part Two)

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Šibenik is one of those places that you want to tell everyone about but also kind of keep a secret at the same time because it’s so beautiful and uncrowded during the summer months. It has everything you could ask for in a perfect summer vacation spot: a beautiful beach, views of the sea from all over the city, inexpensive and amazing wine and food, locations for easy day trips close by…it’s pretty close to perfect.

Our favorite thing to do in Šibenik was walk the old city and then have a drink on the marina as the sun was setting. It’s impossible to walk around inside the narrow streets of the city center and not feel like you’ve traveled back in time. Every turn leads to a new alleyway or set of stairs you didn’t notice the last time you walked past. The condition of the the town is stunning considering the war that took place a little over 20 years before. Getting to talk with the locals about their lives growing up in these historic cities is always so exciting. The people in Šibenik are incredibly friendly and love to talk about the history of the city…don’t be afraid to ask locals about their experiences growing up there.

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