Šibenik – St. James Cathedral

Sibenik City-5667









The Cathedral of St. James is the main tourist site in Šibenik, Croatia, and for good reason–it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site in the center of the old city and a crazy cool blend of architectural influences.

Its construction was started in the 1400s, but it took over a hundred years to complete! It blends Gothic and Renaissance styles due to different architects and all the external influences in the Dalmatian region during its construction. Probably its most iconic features are the faces of Šibenik residents carved into the exterior of the church and the sculpture of the patron saint of the city, St. Michael, slaying a dragon on the top of the cathedral’s dome. Speaking of dragons, the outside of the cathedral was used as a site for Braavos scenes in season five of Game of Thrones (had to throw that in). It’s definitely worth visiting if you find yourself in Šibenik. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a bride and groom bursting out of the huge doors into a shower of flower petals and shouts from family and friends.

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