Krka National Park













Krka National Park is one of Croatia’s top tourist destinations–it covers a wide area surrounding the 73km (45 mile) long Krka River and includes a handful of extraordinary waterfalls. The park is a fairly short drive away from all of the major cities on the Dalmatian coast, so it’s easy to catch a bus or rent a car and spend the day exploring the falls.

The park fills up early, especially during the high (summer) season, so try to get there as early as you can (the gates open at 8 a.m.), and you might have a few uncrowded hours in the park. We did a tour of the surrounding area and wished we had just driven ourselves after feeling like we spent most of the tour in the car. We did get to check out Visovac Monastery on Visovac island, a tiny island in the middle of the river that was settled by monks in the 1400s, which was super cool and made the tour worth it (but you can also drive to see this yourself). Stop by any tourism office along the coast to ask about Krka tours–you can even take a ferry down parts of the river. Krka is especially great for nature and photography lovers–there are a bunch of different species of birds, fish, and plants that you won’t see many other places. It’s a great day trip for anyone–the falls are sure to impress (especially because you can swim in the river)!

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