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  • Šibenik (Part One)

    Šibenik has been the longest stop in our travels so far, so it feels a bit more like home than any other place we’ve been. It’s a little town on the Croatian coast–we stayed there for two months so we’d be able to travel to some of the other cities on the Dalmatian coast (scroll down to see photos […]

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  • Dubrovnik (Part One)

    Where to start with Dubrovnik? It is such an amazing place. Incredibly beautiful beaches, crystal clear turquoise water, a massive old city surrounded by huge castle walls…the list goes on. We only spent three days here, but I would’ve happily stayed for a much longer time and am already dreaming of going back!

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  • Split (Part Two)

    Here are the rest of our Split photos…I’m super impressed with us for condensing them into two posts considering we started out with a ridiculous number between the two of us. The first photo is from Diocletian’s Palace, which is actually a huge area within the old city of Split and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. […]

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  • Split (Part One)

               After being on the coast of Croatia for almost two months now, we are finally (!) getting through our photos. In our defense, we’ve been working (and traveling) a lot and have taken literally thousands of photos, so it’s been tough finding the time to go through them. Prepare to be bombarded in the next […]

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  • Zagreb 360 Tower

                     We waited until one of our last days in Zagreb to visit the 360 Tower, or Vidikovac Zagreb Eye, but I’m so glad we squeezed it in! The tower is much taller than all of the surrounding buildings, except the Cathedral, which is the tallest building in Zagreb. The Tower deck gives you […]